Bacon Boy: My Journey Home (a guest blog)

It was January 2001 when I was born in China. immediately after I was plated, I was crated and shipped to Nashville, Tennessee. It was there I met my family. My CentriKid family! They welcomed me with open arms and accepted me just as I was.

Soon I heard the mumblings of siblings coming over from overseas to join me! and We would all be heading out with 2 amazing teams of camp staffers to meet hundreds of campers. I was so excited I thought my eyes might crack! I waited and waited. Teams packed and left and there I was on 5 CT all alone in a cubicle for 3 long months.

But then the unimaginable happened. A crate arrived and hundreds of my bacon brothers poured out! And then I heard it. Those words I never wanted to hear. Sorry, guys, you’re too late. And real big on the crate a man wrote “REFUSED! Return to sender.”

You see, what my CentriKid Camp friends didn’t know was that Chinese New Year celebrations last a whole month! And by the time I had been accepted there was not enough time to get my brothers on the boat, to Nashville and on the trucks bound for camp.

So I remained in Nashville and met some great intern friends – Jon, Brent, Darrel, Stephanie, Amy, Jen, Josh and Aaron. We hung out and had some great times. By the time camp came around there was a new kid in town. Her name was Mollie Cule. She was cute and all with her spirally tail, but everyone loved her. And this time, Mollie’s sisters caught an earlier boat from China and made it to Nashville in time for camp.

Since no one wanted me, I hopped in one of the intern’s, Jon’s, backpack and moved to an apartment in Franklin. Since then, I’ve traveled the world! I’ve been well taken care of and had a great 12-year journey. Yesterday as I was checking Instagram, I saw a picture of Mollie! She was with a bunch of friends – Coup, Roadie – it looked like they were having so much fun back at the CentriKid Camp office! So Jon said, “Bacon Boy… It’s time to go home.” I was filled with so many emotions and a little yolk ran down my plate. So it begins. This time next week, I’ll be home.

I’ll be posting photos and updates along the journey.

Until then,


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