Helping Our Alma Mater

God is so good… and I have some fun news to share!

This Thursday I get to start work on a contract basis for our alma mater, Ouachita Baptist University. I never dreamed when I made the leap to freelance writing, speaking and communications/PR that I might get to spend some time helping this school Emily and I love so much.

Now the fun part of this news is that for the next 9 weeks, Emily and I will be working in the same department in the very building pictured here. Most people have said – “I could never work with my wife/husband! EEEK!” But as per Merryman usual, we don’t see any downsides or have a worry in the world. As I told Emily when I found out about the position – “Spending time with you and making a living? I couldn’t be happier.”

So for 9 weeks I’m going to soak it up. We’ll get some serious work done for Ouachita, eat in the caf (quietly mumbling about how we miss “Walt’s”) and we might even grab some lunch at “Chick” (or as we old people call it, Chick-fil-A). I’m pretty sure I’ll find a way to enjoy every benefit of being on staff at Ouachita… except for maybe working out in the gym.

9 weeks in the most beautiful place on earth. Can’t beat that.

And we’re so thankful for the countless ways we see God providing.

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